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15 September 2009

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Monograph [8e] - PDF

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Monografia [8p] - PDF

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Darmowa energia

Telekinetyczne ogniwo

Grzałka soniczna


Samochody bez spalin


Strefa wolna od telekinezy




Koncept Dipolarnej Grawitacji




Prawa moralne


Dowód na duszę

Wehikuły czasu




Komora oscylacyjna

Militarne użycie magnokraftu


Nowa Zelandia

Atrakcje Nowej Zelandii

Dowody działań UFO na Ziemi

Fotografie UFO


Bandyci wśród nas




Lawiny ziemne

Zburzenie hali w Katowicach


26ty dzień








Formalny dowód na istnienie UFO



O Bogu naukowo

Dowód na istnienie Boga


Wolna wola


O mnie (Prof. dr inż. Jan Pająk)

Poszukuję pracy

Aleksander Możajski

Świnka z chińskiego zodiaku

Zdjęcia ozdobnych świnek

Owoce tropiku


Ewolucja ludzi


Grecka klawiatura

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Rozwiązanie kostki Rubika 3x3=9

Rozwiązanie kostki Rubika 4x4=16




Bitwa o Milicz

Św. Andrzej Bobola

Liceum Ogólnokształcące w Miliczu

Klasa Pani Hass z LO Milicz


Zwiedzaj Wszewilki i Milicz

Wszewilki jutra

Zlot "Wszewilki-2007"

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Here is a free copy of the historically first illustrated textbook for the philosophy of totalizm in the PDF format. You are welcome to download it to your computer. It takes form of the scientific monograph [8e] by Dr Jan Pajak, entitled "Totalizm" (Wellington, New Zealand, 2003, ISBN 0-9583727-2-1, in 8 volumes). In author's literature references this eight-volumes long textbook of totalizm is indicated with the symbol [8e].

Notice: I rather recommend a newer, second edition [8e/2] of this monograph (also in English):

       If the reader visits this web page to learn about totalizm and to download to the computer a free copy of the textbook of totalizm, then I have a pleasure to inform that already is available a newer, second edition of the same manual of totalizm. It is marked with the symbol [8e/2]. Links to this newer edition are provided in several places on this web page, amongst others in the final "part #L". In turn the disseminated via this web page, the first edition of monograph [8e] entitled "Totalizm", is much older edition of the totalizm manual. It is still disseminated for the use of interested readers mainly for historical reasons. After all, some researchers may be interested in historic evolution of ideas of totalizm. But if someone is NOT a historian, nor a professional philosopher, but only wishes to read descriptions of totalizm, then I recommend that instead of volumes from this web page, rather downloaded the second edition from a separate web page [8e/2].

Part #A: ADOBE.PDF source text of the English version of all volumes of [8e] monograph:

       This illustrated version of the monograph [8e] "Totalizm" (formatted on 5 December 2008 ) is offered free of charge, or linked to other server where it is distributed free of charge, from practically almost every server and every web site of totalizm. This illustrated version is always (and only) offered in the "ADOBE PDF" format, sometimes called also "PDF" format or "Portable Document Format". (Note, however, that older, not illustrated, versions of the same monograph [8e] - as linked in "Part #K" below, are offered in different formats, namely in DOC and WP5.) The reason why this illustrated version of monograph [8e] is offered in one format only, is that the "PDF" format does NOT allow computer viruses to be attached to it. Thus, when downloading to your computer files in the "PDF" format you have the assurance that these files do NOT contain viruses attached to them. (In the way as viruses can attach e.g. to texts written in the WORD.DOC format.) Note, however, that NOT all servers and not all web sites of totalizm can offer all volumes of this [8e] monograph. The reason usually is that files in the PDF format are relatively large, while some amongst free servers used by totalizm do NOT allow to install on them files so voluminous as these which hold largest volumes of monograph [8e]. Therefore, on some web sites of totalizm only smallest volumes of monograph [8e] can be available. In addition, totalizm uses also several free web sites which disallow to install on them files in the PDF format. On these web sites monograph [8e] is either not installed at all, or it has only a version in formats DOC or WP5 - explained in "part #K" near the end of this web page. Thus, in order to check whether a given volume of this monograph [8e] is available here on a selected (e.g. this) web site, it is enough to click on the green link below that describes this volume, and see whether this volume downloads itself to your computer. (If it does NOT download itself, then we need to find the same volume of monograph [8e] on other web sites of totalizm listed in Menus of this web page.) Here is the complete list of all illustrated volumes of [8e], which are already offered to interested readers in PDF format (notice that content of each volume is summarised briefly in next "part #B"):
List of content of all volumes from monograph [8e] (size on the disk 0.2 MB),
Volume 1, (size on the disk 0.8 MB) "Practicing Totalizm"
Volume 2, (size on the disk 0.7 MB) "Understanding Totalizm"
Volume 3, (size on the disk 0.5 MB) "Parasitism"
Volume 4, (size on the disk 1.2 MB) "Evil Parasites"
Volume 5, (size on the disk 0.8 MB) "History of Totalizm"
Volume 6, (size on the disk 1.0 MB) "The virtual word in the Concept of Dipolar Gravity"
Volume 7, (size on the disk 1.0 MB) "Thel counter-world in the Concept of Dipolar Gravity"
Volume 8, (size on the disk 0.9 MB) "Nirvana and the Totaliztic Mechanics"
       All the above volumes are offered in the form ready to print. It means that at the end of each one of them all illustrations are also attached. However, on some illustrations several photographs or drawings needed to be "squeezed" onto a single piece of paper of A4 format. Thus, some amongst these "squeezed" photographs or drawings may NOT come out clear or readable enough in the printed versions of these volumes. Therefore, in "part #E" below on this web page, all the illustrations used in volumes from [8e] series are also made available for readers' downloading, or for viewing in the enlarged sizes.
       Should, for some reasons, you NOT be able to download the volume that you wish to read, you can write to me, and I will sent it to you (free of charge) via email. My email addresses are provided at the end of totaliztic web page pajak_jan_uk.htm - about myself (i.e. Dr Jan Pajak). But please limit your request just to one volume, i.e. only to this one that you really wish to read but because of its size or other reasons you have difficulties with downloading it yourself from the Internet.

Part #B: ADOBE.PDF summary of content of each volume from [8e] monograph:

      This part summarises briefly the content of each volume from the 2nd edition of the monograph [8e] entitled "Totalizm" (copyright 2008 by Dr Jan Pajak - Wellington, New Zealand, ISBN 0-9583727-2-1). To make your choice more handy, you can also download each of these volumes from here just by clicking at their green description and then following instructions that are to appear. Here are subsequent volumes from [8e] monograph, supplied with a brief summary of their content:

List of content of all volumes from monograph [8e]: This document is simply an excerpt (beginning) from volume 1 of monograph [8e]. It lists titles of all chapters and subsections from all the volumes of [8e].

Volume 1: "Totalizm" Chapter A from volume 1 explains how to practice the philosophy of totalizm in our everyday lives. Volume 1 is the most important volume of the whole monograph [8e], as the main reason for learning totalizm is to be able to practice this philosophy in our everyday life - and in this way to be also able to reap numerous benefits that totalizm brings to these people who practice it. It is worth to notice that practicing totalizm is relatively easy, as this philosophy has only one rule, namely in everything that you do you should pedantically obey "moral laws". Thus, in order to practice totalizm in an "aware" manner, it is enough to learn the content of these "moral laws", and then to obey them in our everyday life. If someone has NO mind for an aware learning these moral laws, then he or she can practice totalizm "intuitively" - through listening to whispers of own conscience which knows all the moral laws and is always telling us what we should do in a given situation. A fast getting to know what approximately volume 1 of [8e] is all about, gives the internet description of the philosophy of totalizm briefly summarised on the web page totalizm.htm - about the philosophy of totalizm.

Volume 2: "Understanding Totalizm" Chapter B from volume 2 explains how one should understand totalizm. Chapter C from volume 1 provides interpretations of various morally controversial issues considered from the point of view of canons and moral laws that are already recognised by the philosophy of totalizm. Thus, chapter C presents also the official stand of totalizm in various controversial matters (e.g. sacrifice, corporal punishment, vegetarianism, etc.). It is worth to notice, that various issues discussed in chapters B and C of volume 2, e.g. canons of the operation of universe, the action of "moral laws", moral field, moral energy, etc., are also discussed on the totaliztic web pages totalizm.htm - about the philosophy of totalizm, morals.htm - about operation of moral laws, bible.htm - about mysteries and curiosities of the Bible, or will.htm - about so-called "free will".

Volume 3: "Parasitism" Chapter D from volume 3 presents the philosophy of parasitism. This philosophy is an exact opposite of totalizm, and also the main enemy of totalizm. For example, the leading principle of parasitism is the rule that never obey anything to the obeying of which you were NOT forced somehow. Because when considered together, totalizm and parasitism cover the entire range of all possible behaviours of people, every person on the Earth practices either some form of totalizm or practices some form of parasitism. The philosophy of parasitism (which works on opposite principles than these utilised by totalizm) is also summarised briefly on the web page parasitism.htm - about parasitism.

Volume 4: "Evil Parasites": Chapter E from volume 4 presents a wide array of methods and evil tricks used by evil parasites to enslave and push down people. It describes numerous ways that these parasites use to hide from people both their continuous presence on the Earth as well as their massive exploitation of people. It also describes how these parasites suppress various disciplines of human knowledge so that we are technically inferior in comparison to them, how they assassinate inconvenient people who try to lift somehow humanity in the development, how they hold back our spiritual development, how they spread immorality and the model of a perfect slave on the Earth, and many more. Evil parasites themselves are described on the web page evil.htm - about origins of all evil on the Earth. In turn various methods of acting used by these parasites against people are also explained on web pages military_magnocraft.htm - about destructive capabilities of magnetically propelled vehicles, day26.htm - about tsunami on 26 December 2004, wtc.htm - about collapsing WTC, katowice_uk.htm - about collapsing the hall in Katowice, shuttle_pl.htm - about downing the space shuttle Columbia, katrina.htm - about technically induced hurricane Katrina, tornado.htm - about technically induced tornadoes, or landslips.htm - about causing destructive landslips and mudslides.

Volume 5: "History of Totalizm". Volume 5 contains several chapters that describe a brief history of totalizm. Chapter J explains the history of discovery why antigravity does not exist while the antigravity vehicle cannot be build (this discovery led to the formulation of firstly the Concept of Dipolar Gravity and later also the philosophy of totalizm).

Volume 6: "The virtual World and God in the Concept of Dipolar Gravity" Volumes 6 and 7 of monograph [8e] describe the "theory of everything" called the "Concept of Dipolar Gravity". This theory documents that the gravity field displays attributes similar to these in magnetic field - namely that gravity also have two opposite poles (i.e. "inlet" (I) and "outlet" (O) for the gravity field). In turn the existence of two poles of gravity field mean that our universe must be composed from two separate worlds, means from our "physical world" - located at the "inlet" of gravity field, and from invisible for us so-called "counter-world" - located at the "outlet" from the gravity field. Out "physical world" is filled up with a "stupid" substance called "matter". In turn this "counter-world" is filled with the substance called "counter-matter" - which all attributes are exactly opposite to attributes of our stupid matter. For example, this counter-matter is intelligent in the natural state and behaves like a kind of a "liquid computer". Thus in the memory of this "liquid computer" exists also additional separate world blessed with intelligence, which is called the "virtual world". Volume 6 presents this intelligent virtual world. Chapter K from volume 6 explains this part of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, which results from the intelligence of the "virtual world". The most important matter presented in it is the existence of a huge "natural program" that resides in this virtual-world, and that popularly is called "God". Other matters discussed include, amongst others, the formation of human soul and spirit, work of karma and creditory karma, feelings, etc. Subsection K3.3 from volume 6 presents the formal proof that this software God really do exist. Subsection K4.1.1 lists and explains the most important moral laws. Subsection K5.4 explains the model of the brain as an input-output device, ULT language, differences between souls and spirits, the mechanism of feelings, love, magic, black magic, traps of so-called positive thinking, and many more. Volume 6 is an older version of chapter I (volume 5) from monograph [1/5]. The part of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity which relates to God is also described briefly on the totaliztic web pages god.htm - about the scientific and secular understanding of God, and evolution.htm - about intelligently controlled evolution of man. In turn various scientific evidence for the existence of God, together with a formal scientific proof for the existence of God, are presented on the web page god_proof.htm - containing compendium of scientific proofs that God really does exist.

Volume 7: "The counter-world in the Concept of Dipolar Gravity": Chapter L from volume 7 presents the "counter-world" from the other end of gravitational dipole, means presents this world which remains invisible for human sight and instruments. Volume 7 is the second (out of two) volume describing the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. Chapter L concentrates on presenting this part of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, which concerns behaviours and attributes of the counter-matter from the counter-world - means the substance which displays attributes of a natural computer. Notice however, that volumes 4 and 5 in monograph [1/5] present a newer version of the same Concept of Dipolar Gravity. Furthermore, the theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity is also explained briefly on the totaliztic web page dipolar_gravity.htm - about the Concept of Dipolar Gravity.

Volume 8: "Nirvana and the Totaliztic Mechanics" Chapter J from volume 8 presents the original version of so-called "Totaliztic Mechanics" as well as a version of the "totaliztic nirvana". This Totaliztic Mechanics is simply a collection of laws and regularities which describe the operation and attributes of the "counter-world" from the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. A newer version of the same information is presented in volume 9 of monograph [1/5]. The phenomenon of "nirvana" is explained also on the web page nirvana.htm - about the totaliztic nirvana.

Polish version of [8p] - polska wersja ilustrowana monografii [8p]:

Część #C: Tekst źródłowy ilustrowanej, polskojęzycznej wersji monografii [8p] w formacie ADOBE.PDF:

       Niniejsza ilustrowana wersja monografii naukowej [8p] jest albo udostępniana za darmo, albo też linkowana do innego serwera który ją udostępnia za darmo, na praktycznie niemal każdym serwerze i witrynie totalizmu. Zawsze też (i tylko) wersja ta jest udostępniana w formacie "Adobe PDF" znanym także jako "PDF" - od angielskiego "Portable Document Format". (Aczkolwiek starszą, nie-ilustrowaną wersję tej samej monografii [8p] daje się też załadować w dwóch innych formatach, tj. DOC oraz WP5 - tak jak to wyjaśniono w "części #K" tej strony.) Powodem dla którego najnowsza, ilustrowana wersja monografii [8p] jest udostępniana tylko i wyłącznie w tym jednym formacie PDF, jest że format "PDF" nie pozwala na doczepianie się do niego wirusów komputerowych. Stąd, kiedy załadowuje się do swego komputera teksty zapisane w formacie "PDF", ma się gwarancję że teksty te NIE zawierają doczepionych do nich wirusów komputerowych. (Tak jak wirusy takie mogą być doczepione np. do tekstów zapisanych w formacie WORDA.DOC.) Odnotuj jednakże że NIE wszystkie serwery i witryny totalizmu są w stanie zaoferować całą niniejszą ilustrowaną monografię [8p]. Powodem zwykle jest, że pliki w formacie PDF typowo są bardzo duże, zaś sporo z darmowych serwerów używanych przez totalizm NIE pozwala na zainstalowanie na nich aż tak dużych objętościowo plików jak te które zawierają największe tomy z monografii [8p]. Dlatego na niektórych witrynach totalizmu mogą być dostępne tylko objętościowo najmniejsze tomy monografii [8p]. Na dodatek totalizm używa również kilka darmowych serwerów które wogóle NIE pozwalają na przechowywanie na nich plików w formacie PDF. Na owych serwerach monografia [8p] albo wcale NIE jest zainstalowana, albo też posiada tylko zainstalowaną którąś z wersji w formatach DOC lub WP5 - omówionych w "części #K" przy końcu tej strony. Aby więc sprawdzić czy dany tom ilustrowanej monografii [8p] jest dostępny na wybranym (np. niniejszym) serwerze-witrynie totalizmu, wystarczy kliknąć na zielony napis poniżej opisujący ów tom i sprawdzić czy tom ten się nam załaduje do naszego komputera. (Jeśli zaś się NIE załaduje, wówczas należy poszukiwać tego samego tomu monografii [8p] na innych serwerach totalizmu wyszczególnionych w Menu z tej strony.) Oto wykaz wszystkich tomów ilustrowanej wersji monografii [8p], które już obecnie są oferowane gratisowo w internecie zainteresowanym czytelnikom (proszę odnotować że zawartość treści każdego tomu z tej monografii jest skrótowo streszczona w następnej "części #D"):
Spis treści wszystkich tomów w monografii [8p] (objętość na dysku 0.2 MB)
Tom 1 (objętość na dysku 1.3 MB) "Praktykowanie totalizmu"
Tom 2 (objętość na dysku 1.1 MB) "Zrozumienie totalizmu"
Tom 3 (objętość na dysku 0.8 MB) "Pasożytnictwo"
Tom 4 (objętość na dysku 1.6 MB) "Szatańscy pasożyci"
Tom 5 (objętość na dysku 1.2 MB) "Nirwana i mechanika totaliztyczna"
Tom 6 (objętość na dysku 1.0 MB) "Świat wirtualny w Koncepcie Dipolarnej Grawitacji"
Tom 7 (objętość na dysku 1.3 MB) "Fizyczny przeciw-świat w Koncepcie DIpolarnej Grawitacji"
Tom 8 (objętość na dysku 0.9 MB) "Historia totalizmu"
       Wszystkie powyższe tomy monografii [8p] są oferowane w postaci gotowej do wydrukowania. To znaczy, że na końcu każdej z nich załączone są również wszystkie ilustracje. Niefortunnie, w niektórych ilustracjach aż kilka zdjęć lub rysunków musiało zostać "wciśnięte" na pojedynczą stronę papieru formatu A4. Stąd niektóre z owych "wciśniętych" fotografii lub rysunków mogą NIE wyglądać wystarczająco wyraźnie lub czytelnie w wydrukowanych wersjach owych monografii. Dlatego w "części #E" u dołu tej strony udostępnione są dla załadowania przez zainteresowanych czytelników, lub do oglądania po powiększeniu, wszystkie ilustracje używane w monografii [8p].
       Gdyby z jakichś ważnych powodów czytelnik NIE był w stanie załadować tego wybranego tomu monografii [8p] który zechce poczytać, wówczas może do mnie napisać zaś ja postaram się mu wysłać ten tom (za darmo) emailem. Moje adresy emailowe są wyszczególnione pod koniec totaliztycznej strony pajak_jan.htm - o mnie (tj. dr Jan Pajak). Jednak proszę ograniczyć swoje życzenia do tylko jednego tomu tej monografii, tj. do tego który czytelnik faktycznie życzy sobie poczytać, jednak np. z powodu jej rozmiarów lub innych przyczyn ma trudności techniczne z jego załadowaniem do swojego komputera.

Część #D: ADOBE.PDF streszczenie zawartości poszczególnych tomów ilustrowanej monografii [8p]:

      Ta "część #D" podsumowuje skrótowo każdy tom z 8-tomowej monografii [8p] o generalnym tytule "Totalizm" (copyright 2003 by dr Jan Pajak - Wellington, Nowa Zelandia, ISBN 0-9583727-3-X). Aby uczynić wybór czytelnika łatwiejszym, każdy z tomów tej monografii daje się też załadować i z niniejszej części poprzez kliknięcie na jej zielony opis i wykonanie instrukcji które się wtedy ukażą. Oto wykaz poszczególnych tomów monografii [8p] zaopatrzony w ich krótkie streszczenia:

Spis treści wszystkich tomów w monografii [8p] (objętość na dysku 0.2 MB). Ten krótki wyciąg z tomu 1 monografii [8p] zawiera wykaz tytułów wszystkich rodziałów i podrozdziałów każdego z 8 tomów monografii [8p].

Tom 1 (objętość na dysku 0.8 MB) "Praktykowanie totalizmu". Rozdział A z tomu 1 wyjaśnia jak stosować totalizm w naszym życiu codziennym. Tom 1 jest więc najważniejszym tomem całej monografii [8p]. Wszakże sens poznania filozofii totalizmu polega na nauczeniu się jak ją należy stosować w codziennym życiu, a w ten sposób jak uzyskać dostęp do owych licznych korzyści które przynosi ludziom praktykowanie totalizmu. Warto przy tym odnotować, że praktykowanie totalizmu jest relatywnie łatwe, jako że owa filozofia nakłada tylko jeden wymóg stwierdzający że we wszystkim co czynisz zawsze pedantycznie wypełniaj tzw. "prawa moralne". Stąd aby "świadomie" praktykować totalizm, wystarczy poznać treść owych "praw moralnych" a potem wypełniać je w swoim życiu codziennym. Jeśli zaś ktoś NIE ma głowy do świadomego poznania tychże praw moralnych, wówczas może praktykować totalizm "intuicyjnie" - poprzez wsłuchiwanie się w podszepty własnego sumienia które to sumienie zna treść wszystkich praw moralnych i zawsze nam podpowiada jak powinniśmy postąpić w danej sytuacji. Szybkie rozeznanie co do zawartości tomu 1 daje treść strony internetowej totalizm_pl.htm - o filozofii totalizmu.

Tom 2 (objętość na dysku 1.1 MB) "Zrozumienie totalizmu". Rozdział B z tomu 2 wyjaśnia jak należy rozumieć totalizm. Rozdział C z tomu 2 prezentuje interpretację co bardziej kontrowersyjnych kwestii moralnych w świetle już poznanych przez totalizm kanonów działania wszechświata oraz tzw. "praw moralnych". W ten sposób ów rozdział C prezentuje również oficjalne stanowisko totalizmu w najróżniejszych moralnie kontrowersyjnych sprawach. Warto odnotować, że niektóre tematy dyskutowane w rozdziałach B i C, np. kanony działania wszechświata, treść "praw moralnych", pole moralne, energia moralna, itp., są też dyskutowane na totaliztycznych stronach totalizm_pl.htm - o filozofii totalizmu, morals_pl.htm - o działaniu praw moralnych, biblia.htm - o tajemnicach i ciekawostkach Biblii, czy will_pl.htm - o tzw. "wolnej woli".

Tom 3 (objętość na dysku 0.8 MB) "Pasożytnictwo". Rozdział D z tomu 3 prezentuje filozofię pasożytnictwa. Filozofia ta jest dokładnym przeciwstawieństwem i głównym wrogiem totalizmu. Przykładowo, wiodącą zasadą ludzi praktykujących pasożytnictwo jest nigdy nie wypełniaj niczego jeśli do wypełniania tego NIE zostałeś jakoś przymuszony. Ponieważ wzięte razem totalizm i pasożytnictwo obejmują sobą cały zakres możliwych zachowań ludzkich, każda osoba na Ziemi albo praktykuje jakąś formę totalizmu, albo też jakąś formę pasożytnictwa. Filozofia pasożytnictwa (która bazuje na zasadach będących odwrotnością zasad totalizmu) jest też skrótowo podsumowana na stronie parasitism_pl.htm - o filozofii pasożytnictwa.

Tom 4 (objętość na dysku 1.6 MB) "Szatańscy pasożyci". Poznajmy dokładniej naszych szatańskich pasożytów. Rozdział E z tomu 4 opisuje metody działania szatańskich pasożytów symulowanych na Ziemi. Sami szatańscy pasożyci są omawiani na stronie internetowej evil_pl.htm - o pochodzeniu wszelkiego zła na Ziemi. Natomiast niektóre z ich metod działania są wyjaśnione m.in. na stronach internetowych military_magnocraft_pl.htm - o zniszczeniowych możliwościach wehikułów z napędem magnetycznym. day26_pl.htm - o tsunami z 26 grudnia 2004 roku, wtc_pl.htm - o zawaleniu WTC, katowice.htm - o zawaleniu hali w Katowicach, shuttle_pl.htm - o strąceniu promu Columbia, katrina_pl.htm - o huraganie Katrina, tornado_pl.htm - o technicznie wywoływanych tornadach, czy landslips_pl.htm - o morderczych obsuwiskach ziemi i błota.

Tom 5 (objętość na dysku 1.2 MB) "Historia totalizmu". Rozdziały F do I z tomu 5 prezentują najważniejsze punkty historii totalizmu. Rozdział J wyjaśnia historię dociekań dlaczego antygrawitacja nie istnieje zaś statek antygrawitacyjny nie może zostać zbudowany (dociekania te doprowadziły najpierw do sformułowania Konceptu Dipolarnej Grawitacji a potem filozofii totalizmu).

Tom 6 (objętość na dysku 1.0 MB) "Świat wirtualny w Koncepcie Dipolarnej Grawitacji". Koncept Dipolarnej Grawitacji, omawiany w tomach 6 i 7 monografii [8p], jest to teoria naukowa która dokumentuje że pole grawitacyjne wykazuje cechy podobne do pola magnetycznego - znaczy posiada jakby dwa przeciwstawne bieguny (tj. "wlot" (I) oraz "wylot" (O) dla pola grawitacyjnego). Z kolei istnienie aż dwóch biegunów pola grawitacyjnego oznacza, że wszechświat faktycznie musi się składać z aż dwóch odrębnych światów, czyli z naszego "świata fizycznego" - położonego na "wlocie" pola grawitacyjnego, oraz z niewidzialnego dla nas tzw. "przeciw-świata" - położonego na "wylocie" pola grawitacyjnego. Nasz "świat fizyczny" zapełniony jest "głupią" substancją zwaną "materia". Natomiast ów "przeciw-świat" zapełniony jest substancją zwaną "przeciw-materia" - której wszystkie cechy są dokładnie odwrotne do cech naszj głupiej materii. Przykładowo, owa przeciw-materia jest inteligentna w stanie naturalnym i zachowuje się jak rodzaj "płynnego komputera". Stąd w pamięci owego "płynnego komputera" istnieje jeszcze jeden odrębny świat obdarzony inteligencją, który nazywany jest "światem wirtualnym". Tom 6 prezentuje właśnie ów inteligentny świat wirtualny. Rozdział K z tomu 6 wyjaśnia cechy i zjawiska które wynikają z inteligencji tego świata wirtualnego. Najważniejszą z omawianych tam spraw jest istnienie ogromnego "naturalnego programu" rezydującego w owym świecie wirtualnym, a popularnie nazywanego "Bogiem". Inne zaś obejmują między innymi formowanie ludzkiej duszy i ducha, działanie karmy, uczucia, itp. Podrozdział K3.3 w tomie 6 zawiera m.in. formalny dowód że ów softwarowy "Bóg" faktycznie istnieje. Warto tutaj też dodać, że ta część Konceptu Dipolarnej Grawitacji która odnosi się do Boga jest również opisana skrótowo na totaliztycznych stronach god_pl.htm - o świeckim i naukowym zrozumieniu Boga, oraz evolution_pl.htm - o potrzebie celowego sfabrykowania przez Boga materiału dowodowego podpierającego filary ateistycznych światopoglądów, np. "naturalną ewolucję" czy "wielki wybuch". Z kolei najróżniejsze rodzaje materiału dowodowego na istnienie Boga, razem z formalnym dowodem naukowym że Bóg istnieje, są zaprezentowane na stronie god_proof_pl.htm - zawierającej przegląd naukowych dowodów na istnienie Boga.

Tom 7 (objętość na dysku 1.3 MB) "Przeciw-świat w Koncepcie Dipolarnej Grawitacji". Rozdział L z tomu 7 omawia ów niewidzialny dla oczu świat z drugiego końca "Dipolarnej Grawitacji", czyli tzw. "przeciw-świat". Rozdział ten koncentuje się na zaprezentowaniu tej części Konceptu Dipolarnej Grawitacji jaka dotyczy fizykalnych zachowań i atrybutów tzw. przeciw-materii (tj. substancji która panuje w owym "przeciw-świecie" i która wykazuje posiadanie cech naturalnego "płynnego komputera"). Odnotuj jednak że tomy 4 i 5 monografii [1/4] i [1/5] zawierają znacznie nowsze wersje owych rozdziałów K i L, niż wersje zaprezentowane w tomach 6 i 7 monografii [8p]. Odnotuj też że cała teoria wszystkiego zwana Konceptem Dipolarnej Grawitacji jest też skrótowo objaśniana na stronie internetowej dipolar_gravity_pl.htm - o Koncepcie Dipolarnej Grawitacji.

Tom 8 (objętość na dysku 0.9 MB) "Nirwana i mechanika totaliztyczna". Mechanika totaliztyczna. Rozdział J z tomu 8 prezentuje oryginalną wersję tzw. "Mechaniki Totaliztycznej". Owa mechanika to po prostu zbiór praw i regularności które opisują działanie i cechy "przeciw-świata" z Konceptu Dipolarnej Grawitacji. Krótki podrozdział z tomu 8 opisuje też tzw. "totaliztyczną nirwanę". Nirwana ta jest również opisywana skrótowo na stronie internetowej nirvana_pl.htm - o totaliztycznej nirwanie.

Part #E: Illustrations for the English-language version of monograph [8e], in *.gif or *.jpg formats.

Click on the underlined part of description for a given illustration in order to see this illustration or to download it to your own computer!

Meaning of colours in descriptions under illustrations:
Red colour (like this one) indicates captions under subsequent illustrations provided in the English language.
A dark colour (like this one) indicates descriptions under subsequent illustrations provided in the Polish language.
Blue colour (like this one) indicates the list of my publications in which a given illustration was also published, and provides Figure numbers of the given illustration in these publications.

Chapter A (volume 1):
Notice that below only very short descriptions are provided under each illustration. The full text of descriptions for Figures shown below is provided at the end of the chapter in monograph [1/5e], which is illustrated by given Figures (i.e. complete captions under subsequent illustrations for this chapter A, are provided at the end of chapter A from Tom 1 of monograph [1/5]).

[8e] - Figure A1.
It illustrates: The logo of totalizm.
(Published: [1/5] - JA1, [1/4] - JA1(English), [8] - H1(English)

[8p/2] - Rysunek A1.
Pokazuje on: Logo totalizmu. Zauważ że jego cechą jest m.in., iż działa ono jak talizman szczęścia, czyli przynosi szczęście tym którzy je noszą.
(Opublikowany: [1/5] - JA1, [1/4] - JA1(Polish), [1/3] - I, [8] - H1(Polish) )

Chapter B (volume 2):

[8e] - Rysunek/Figure B1.
Pokazuje on: Lokomotywa Blenkinsop'a z 1811 roku - napędzana przez koło zębate zapierające się o szyny jak koń nogami.
It illustrates: Blenkinsop's engine built in 1811.
(Opublikowany/published: [1/5] - JB1, [1/4] - JB1, [1/3] - O30, [1e] - E1, [2e] - E1, [8] - B1 )

Chapter D (volume 3):

[8e] - Rysunek/Figure D1(a).
It illustrates: A cross-section through the smallest Magnocraft type K3 that shows the design and main features of this starship. Because in subsection P2 of [1/5] it was formally proven that "UFOs are already operational Magnocraft", the above Figure illustrates also main components of UFOs type K3.
Pokazuje on: Najmniejszy magnokraft typu K3 z którego wykrojono przedni fragment jego aerodynamicznej powłoki aby pokazać wewnętrzną kosntrukcje i podstawowe podzespoły. Ponieważ w podrozdziale P2 monografii [1/5] udowodniono formalnie że "UFO to już działające magnokrafty", rysunek ten ilustruje również budowę i podzespoły najmniejszego UFO typu K3.

(Opublikowany/published: [1/5] - A1a, [1/4] - A1(a), [1/3] - F1(b), [1e] - G5, [2e] - G5, [6/2] - 12A, [7/2] - A1(a), [8] - D1(A) )

[8e] - Rysunek/Figure D1(b).
It illustrates: A side view of the smallest Magnocraft type K3. Notice that this starship has the basic shape of an inverted saucer, in the centre and side flange of which spherical propulsors are assembled. Because in subsection P2 of [1/4] it was formally proven that "UFOs are already operational Magnocraft", the above Figure illustrates also side appearance of UFOs type K3.
Pokazuje on: Wygląd boczny najmniejszego magnokraftu typu K3. Odnotuj, że statek ten ma kształt spodka odwróconego do góry dnem, który w centrum i na obrzeżu posiada kuliste pędniki magnetyczne. Ponieważ w podrozdziałe P2 udowodniono formalnie że "UFO to już działające magnokrafty", rysunek ten ilustruje również wygląd boczny najmniejszych UFO typu K3.

(Opublikowany/published: [1/5] - A1b, [1/4] - A1(b), [1/3] - F1(a), [1e] - B1, [2e] - B1, [6/2] - 12B, [7/2] - A1(b), [8] - D1(B) )

[8e] - Rysunek/Figure D1(c).
It illustrates: A configuration of Oscillatory Chambers, called TWIN-CHAMBER CAPSULE. An Oscillatory Chamber is simply a source of extremely powerful magnetic field. Such a chamber is shaped like a transparent cube, empty inside, around peripherals of inner walls of which streams of electric sparks rotate. In turn twin-chamber capsules assembled from two such Oscillatory Chambers are hearts of every magnetic propulsor that is used for propelling Magnocraft and UFOs.
Pokazuje on: Konstrukcja kapsuły dwukomorowej zestawionej z dwóch komór oscylacyjnych umieszczonych jedna we wnętrzu drugiej. Komora oscylacyjna to po prostu źródło niezwykle potężnego pola magnetycznego. Komora ta ma kształt przeźroczystej kostki, pustej w środku, naokoło wewnętrznych ścianek której rotują strumienie iskier elektrycznych. Z kolei kapsuła dwukomorowa złożona z dwóch takich komór jest sercem pędnika magnetycznego każdego magnokraftu (a także i każdego UFO - po szczegóły patrz rozdział S w [1/4]).

(Opublikowany/published: [1/5] - A1c, [1/4] - A1(c), [1/3] - C5, [1e] - F1(a), [6/2] - 12C, [7/2] - A1(c), [8] - D1(C) )

Chapter E (volume 4):

[8e] - Rysunek/Figure E1.
Pokazuje on: Ukrzyżowanie Jezusa nadzorowane przez UFOnautów. (Dlaczego UFOle tak niszczyli tego założyciela najbardziej totaliztycznej religii na Ziemi, że aż spowodowali jego ukrzyżowanie, wyjaśnione jest dokładniej np. w tomie 4 monografii [8] "Totalizm".)
It illustrates: The documentary painting portraying the crucifixion of Jesus supervised by two UFO vehicles.
(Opublikowany/published: [1/5] - O7, [1/4] - O7, [1/3] - P7, [7/2] - B2, [8] - E1 )

[8e] - Rysunek/Figure E2.
Pokazuje on: Odcisk buta ludzkiego sprzed około 550 milionów lat - dowód że to nasi krewniacy UFOnauci z planety Terra rozplenili życie na Ziemi.
It illustrates: A human shoe imprint made on Earth around 550 millions years ago.
(Opublikowany/published: [1/5] - P31, [1/4] - P31, [1/3] - O32, [1e] - , [7/2] - B1, [8] - E2 )

[8e] - Rysunek/Figure E3 (a).
Pokazuje on: Tunel Morona-Santiago z Ekwadoru, odparowany przez UFO lecące w kierunku wschód-zachód.
It illustrates: The tunnel Morona-Santiago in Ecuador also evaporated by a UFO.
(Opublikowany/published: [1/5] - O6(a), [1/4] - O6(a), [1/3] - P6(a), [1e] - M17, [2e] - K9(a), [5/3] - 29-3, [5/4] - H8/3, [6/2] - 24(1), [7/2] - A5(#1) )

[8e] - Rysunek/Figure E3 (b).
Pokazuje on: Zdjęcie Cocklebiddy Cave, Australia, odparowanej przez UFO lecące w kierunku południe-północ.
It illustrates: The "Cocklebiddy Cave" in Western Australia evaporated by UFOs.
(Opublikowany/published: [1/5] - O6(b), [1/4] - O6(b), [1/3] - P6(b), [1e] - M18(a), [2e] - K9(b), [5/3] - 29-1, [5/4] - H8/1, [6/2] - 24(2), [7/2] - A5(#2) )

[8e] - Rysunek/Figure E3 (c).
Pokazuje on: Mapka ukazująca kształt i przebieg Cocklebiddy Cave z Zachodniej Australii (odparowanej przez UFO).
It illustrates: Shape and course of the "Cocklebiddy Cave".
(Opublikowany/published: [1/5] - O6(c), [1/4] - O6(c), [1/3] - P6(c), [1e] - M18(b), [2e] - K9(c) )

[8e] - Rysunek/Figure E3 (d).
Pokazuje on: Tunel nazywany "Deer Cave" (tj. "Jelenia Jaskinia") z prowincji Sarawak na Północnym Borneo, odparowany przez UFO typu K8.
It illustrates: The "Deer Cave" in Borneo evaporated in rocks by UFOs type K8.
(Opublikowany/published: [1/5] - O6(d), [1/4] - O6(d), [1/3] - P6(d), [1e] - M18(c), [2e] - K9(d), [5/3] - 29-2, [5/4] - H8/2, [6/2] - 24(3), [7/2] - A5(#3), [8] - E3 )

[8e] - Rysunek/Figure E3 (d) - wersja/version 2.
Pokazuje on: Inne zdjęcie tunelu nazywanego "Deer Cave" (tj. "Jelenia Jaskinia") z prowincji Sarawak na Północnym Borneo, odparowany przez UFO typu K8.
It illustrates: Another photo of the Deer Cave in Borneo evaporated in rocks by UFOs type K8.
(Opublikowany/published: [1/5] - O6(d/2), [1/4] - O6(d-2), [1/3] - P6(d-2) )

[8e] - Rysunek/Figure E3 (d) - wersja/version 3.
Pokazuje on: Dr Jan Pajak sfotografowany we wnętrzu "Deer Cave" na Borneo (odparowanej przez UFO), na tle południowego wejścia do tego tunelu UFO. Kształt tego wejścia odzwierciedla cygaro posobne sprzężone z dwóch UFO typu K8 które odparowało ten tunel.
It illustrates: The author at the entrance to the Deer Cave in Borneo, that was evaporated in rocks by UFOs type K8.
(Opublikowany/published: [1/5] - O6(d/3), [1/4] - O6(d-3), [1/3] - P6(e), [2e] - K9(e) )

[8e] - Rysunek/Figure E3 (e).
Pokazuje on: tunel odparowany przez UFO w Nowej Zelandii.
It illustrates: a UFO tunnel from New Zealand.
(Opublikowany/published: [1/5] - O6(e) )

[8e] - Rysunek/Figure E4.
Pokazuje on: Zasada odparowywania podziemnych tuneli przez lecący magnokraft. (Zdjęcia takich tuneli pokazane są na rysunku O6 z monografii [1/4].)
It illustrates: The illustration of principles of forming underground tunnels by UFOs.
(Opublikowany/published: [1/5] - F31, [1/4] - F31, [1/3] - F31, [1e] - G36, [2e] - G36, [5/3] - 29-4, [5/4] - H8/4, [6/2] - 24(4), [7/2] - A5(#4), [8] - E4 )

Chapter H (volume 5):

[8e] - Figure A1.
It illustrates: The logo of totalizm.
(Published: [1/5] - JA1, [1/4] - JA1(English), [8] - H1(English)

Chapter K (volume 6):

[8e] - Rysunek/Figure K1.
Pokazuje on: Mr. Alan Plank z Nowej Zelandii ze swoja pompą zaprojektowaną za pomocą wahadełka radiestezyjnego.
It illustrates: Mr Alan Plank with his pump designed by a divining pendulum.
(Opublikowany/published: [1/5] - I1, [1/4] - I2, [1/3] - H2, [1e] - D1, [2e] - D1, [8] - I1 )

Chapter L (volume 7):

[8e] - Rysunek/Figure L1.
Pokazuje on: Białe jarzenie pochłaniania wydzielane przez różdżkę radiestezyjną.
It illustrates: A photo of the extraction glow emitted by a diving rod.
(Opublikowany/published: [1/5] - H1, [1/4] - H1, [1/3] - H1, [1e] - C1, [2e] - C1, [8] - L1 )

[8e] - Rysunek/Figure L2 (góra).
Pokazuje on: Stół lewitowany w Londynie w 1903 roku przez medium psychokinetyczne o nazwisku Eusapia Palladino.
It illustrates: A photo of a table levitated telekinetically by Eusapia Palladino.
(Opublikowany/published: [1/5] - H2(h), [1/4] - H2(h), [1/3] - H2(h), [1e] - D4(h), [2e] - D4(h), [8] - L2(h) )

[8e] - Rysunek/Figure L2 (dół).
Pokazuje on: Fotografia innego stołu lewitowanego przez Eusapię Palladino - z książki Spirits and Spirit World.
It illustrates: Another table levitating and showing white extraction glow.
(Opublikowany/published: [1/5] - H2(l), [1/4] - H2(l), [1/3] - H2(l), [1e] - D4(l), [2e] - D4(l), [8] - L2(l) )

[8e] - Rysunek/Figure L3 (lewo).
Pokazuje on: Stołek kuchenny podnoszony fizycznie przez grupę SORRAT - jarzenie pochłaniania nie wystąpiło, stąd widać naturalne kolory stołka.
It illustrates: A table lifted physically (it shows natural colours).
(Opublikowany/published: [1/5] - H3(l), [1/4] - H3(l), [1/3] - H3(l), [1e] - D5(l), [2e] - D5(l), [8] - L3(l) )

[8e] - Rysunek/Figure L3 (prawo).
Pokazuje on: Ten sam stołek ale tym razem lewitowany telekinetycznie przez grupę SORRAT - tym razem jarzenie pochłaniania pojawiło się.
It illustrates: The same table lifted telekinetically (it shows white extraction glow).
(Opublikowany/published: [1/5] - H3(r), [1/4] - H3(r), [1/3] - H3(r), [1e] - D5(r), [2e] - D5(r), [8] - L3(r) )

[8e] - Rysunek/Figure L4 (a).
Pokazuje on: Telekinetyczny spadek temperatury dłoni uzdrowiciela - rozkład o godzinie 10:12 (na początku uzdrawiania).
It illustrates: A telekinetic temperature drop on the hand of a healer (at 10:12).
(Opublikowany/published: [1/5] - H4(a), [1/4] - H4(a), [1/3] - H4(a), [1e] - C2(A), [2e] - C2(A), [6/2] - 2(A), [8] - L4(A) )

[8e] - Rysunek/Figure L4 (b).
Pokazuje on: Telekinetyczny spadek temperatury dłoni uzdrowiciela - rozkład o godzinie 10:14 (tj. po 2 minutach).
It illustrates: A telekinetic temperature drop on the hand of a healer (at 10:14).
(Opublikowany/published: [1/5] - H4(b), [1/4] - H4(b), [1/3] - H4(b), [1e] - C2(B), [2e] - C2(B), [6/2] - 2(B), [8] - L4(B) )

[8e] - Rysunek/Figure L4 (c).
Pokazuje on: Telekinetyczny spadek temperatury dłoni uzdrowiciela - rozkład o godzinie 10:15 (tj. po 3 minutach).
It illustrates: A telekinetic temperature drop on the hand of a healer (at 10:15).
(Opublikowany/published: [1/5] - H4(c), [1/4] - H4(c), [1/3] - H4(c), [1e] - C2(C), [2e] - C2(C), [6/2] - 2(C), [8] - L4(C) )

[8e] - Rysunek/Figure L5.
Pokazuje on: Budowa urządzenia ujawniającego.
It illustrates: The revealing device.
(Opublikowany/published: [1/5] - N4, [1/4] - N4, [1/3] - N4, [7/2] - D2, [8] - L5 )

Chapter Z (volume 8):

[8e] - Rysunek/Figure M1.
Pokazuje on: Mała biała istotka z anonimowej cywilizacji totaliztycznej ujawniająca oznaki nirwany totaliztycznej. To ona podarowała ludzkości piramidę telepatyczną.
It illustrates:: A small wite being from anonymous totaliztic civilisation, which handed the gift for humanity in the form of the telepathic pyramid. This totaliztic alien displays clear signs of experiencing a permanent nirvana.
(Opublikowany/published: [1/5] - JF1, [1/4] - JF1, [7/2] - C1 )

[8e] - Dr Jan Pająk.
Pokazuje on: Zdjęcie autora monografii [8p] (a także [1/4] i [1/5]), wykonane na tle dziewiczego krajobrazu Nowej Zelandii.
It illustrates: Photograph of the author of monograph [8e] (and also [1/4] & [1/5]).
(Opublikowany/published: [1/5], [1/4], [1/3], [5/4], [6/2], [7/2], [8] )

Part #F: Instructions:

       1. Everything on this web page that is either underlined, or displayed in a green colour, is actually a link. Thus by clicking on this link you can either see another web page or download a selected monograph.
       2. To download any volume of this monograph, or any Figure, you just click on the green (underlined) part of the description, and then follow instructions that will appear on your screen.

Part #G: How to replicate this web page in your own computer:

       For some readers that work on problems addressed on this web page, it would be highly beneficial to have a replica of this web page together with all the illustrations, texts, links, etc., in their own computer. After all, in case of having such a replica, one can later view this web page, or print it, directly from his or her own computer, not from the Internet. Thus, one becomes independent from the access to Internet in each situation when he or she wishes to have a good look at this web page or at illustrations that this page displays. Waiting for opening a web page is then also incomparably shorter than waiting for opening an Internet page. It is then also not needed to put up with all these subtle obstructions which seem to plague my web pages almost as it these are purposely sabotaged by "little green UFOnauts" of some sort. So for these readers, who wish to make a "source replica" of this web page in their own computer, below I am describing step-by-step how to accomplish this. This description reveals thoroughly how to prepare the so-called "source replica" of the web page, means a replica prepared in the programming language called "HTML" in which this web page was originally coded. Note that such a "source replica" is much better than an "image replica" that almost every browser allows to make in quite a simple way. For example it allows to gradually complete all missing components of a given web page (e.g. missing illustrations or text files) from other servers. It allows to update separately each selected component of the web page as soon as we meet in Internet their better versions. It also allows us to learn principles of web page programming, thus it can be for us a first step towards later making our own web pages. Here is the instruction of producing such a "source replica":
     #0. Ready-made source replica? (without advertising banners). Here is one brief information, before in items #1 to #8 below I explain the exact procedure of preparing for yourself a source replica of this web page. Namely, under some addresses listed in "Menu 3" or "Menu 4", such a source replica of this web page, together with all folders, source codes of web pages, samples of texts and illustration, etc., but without advertising banners, already awaits in the ZIP format, ready for downloading to your own computer. So all what you need to do in order to download it to your own computer, is to click in "Menu 1" on the menu item marked "Source replica of this page". So try to click, because this source replica may be available here (i.e. at this address) and it would be handy to have it in your own computer. In turn, when such a "zipped" source replica downloads to your computer, all what you need to do is UNZIP it onto your hard disk. After UNZIPing, it forms a separate folder in which you will find a folder named "a_pajak" with all source files, subfolders and samples of text and illustration inside, ready for the running, testing, displaying, and checking how all these work on your own computer. All what you later need to do in your spare time is to download to text folders remaining volumes of monograph [8e], while to folder 14 download the remaining illustrations, which could not be included to the ready-made source replica because of their volume. (Note that in case you already have on your hard disk a folder named "c:\a_pajak" with my other source web pages, it is enough if you transfer all files and subfolders from this new folder "a_pajak" to the already existing one named "c:\a_pajak".) After this brief information, let us now return to this procedure of making (all by yourself) a source replica of this web page. Here it is:
     #1. Create a folder named "a_pajak" (or "archives_pajak") on your hard disk "c:". This folder is to hold this web page (and possibly also any other my web pages). To create such a folder, run a utility program named "Windows Explorer" or "My Computer", choose "Local Disk (C:)" for the "Address" in this utility program, then click on "File" in the pull-down menu from this "Windows Explorer", then click "New", finally choose the command "folder". Type the name "a_pajak" to the new folder that you created on you hard disk. Later you are to use this folder "a_pajak" for storing all my web pages, monographs, and illustrations that you wish to keep in you own computer.
     #2. Create sub-folders inside of this main folder named "a_pajak". These sub-folders are to contain subsequent kinds of texts and illustrations displayed or accessed through this web page. Here is the list of sub-folders that are used by this web page:
           flags - it contains images of flags (i.e. German, Spanish, French, Italian, Polish, and English) used on my web pages. These images of flags are contained in files named de_flag.gif, es_flag.gif, fr_flag.gif, it_flag.gif, pl_flag.gif, uk_flag.gif. Any flags scanned into "*.gif" files with the above names, can be used for this purpose.
           14 - it contains all the illustrations which are used on this web page by monograph [8e], and were also used by my other monograph [1/4].
           15 - it contains all the illustrations which are used in monograph [8e], but originally were introduced for my monographs [1/5].
           8e_pdf - it contains the source text of monograph [8e], in English, in the PDF format.
           8p_pdf - it contains the source text of monograph [8p/2], in Polish, in the PDF format.
           In order to create such sub-folders, again it is enough to shift the "Windows Explorer" inside of the folder "a_pajak" and then generate them one by one.
     #3. Save the source code of this web page in your folder "a_pajak". For this, "right click" on your mouse while pointing it any text area of this web page (e.g. pointing right here). A small menu should appear, which is to have the option "View Source". Click on this menu option, and the source code of complete this web page appears in your text editor named "Notepad". Click on the "File" pull-down menu from this "Notepad" and choose the option "Save As...". Save the source code from your "Notepad" using the name "text_8.htm" for the "File name" of this code, while for the "Save in" pointing at the folder "c:\a_pajak" that you created earlier. Notice that pages called via links from this page, should be saved under slightly different names, namely: "tekst_8.htm" for the Polish version of this web page, "text_8_1.htm" for the old version of this web page (for old monograph [8e]). In order to save the text of (scrollable) "Menu 4" and "Menu 2", you need to firstly display it on the screen, by clicking on it from either "Menu 1" or "Menu 2", and only then you can save the source code of it under the name "menu.htm" in a manner identical as you save the source code of this web page. Also all pages called from this page via links in "Menu 1" or "Menu 2", should be saved almost identically as you save this web page, only that you use slightly different names assigned to them, e.g. names: "oscillatory_chamber.htm" for the web page on the "Oscillatory Chamber", "magnocraft.htm" for the web page on "Magnocraft", "text_1_4.htm" for monograph [1/4], etc.
     #4. Save illustrations. Right click separately on each illustration from this web page, then choose the option "Save Picture As". The majority of illustrations you need to save in the subfolder "14" or 15. Notice that each illustration indicates at the bottom of the screen the subfolder in which it is to be saved.
     #5. Run this web page in your computer. After you save this web page, you can run it in your own computer whenever you wish, by simple pointing at the file "text_8.htm" (i.e. the one with the source code of this web page) using the "Windows Explorer" for this pointing, and then double clicking at this file. (You can also run this file by pointing the "Windows Explorer" at it, and then pressing "Enter".) Pages linked with this one via hyperlinks can also be displayed through clicking on these hyperlinks while viewing this page, or can be displayed through clicking via the "Windows Explorer" at their names, means e.g. at "text_8_1.htm", "tekst_8.htm", "oscillatory_chamber.htm", "magnocraft.htm", "pajak_jan_uk.htm", etc.
     #6. (Optionally) remove banners. Free servers on which for the understandable reasons I display all my web sites, usually insert codes of banners to the source code of web pages that are displayed on them (frequently codes of these banners contain various irritating errors which try to make viewing my web pages quite difficult). If these banners irritate you, you can optionally cut them out from the source code of this web page, after you save this code in your own computer. To cut the banners out you need to identify their code (either by addresses referred in this code and starting from "http://...", or by seeking the comment type "banner insertion ..." which appears at the beginning and at the end of the banners' code).
     #7. (Optionally) update your replica of this web page. If someone is especially interested in descriptions contained on this web page, then it would be desirable to check in Internet every let say couple of months, whether description from this web page are updated and improved. If so, then it is worth to replace the old version of this web page with this improved version. For this, it is enough to rename the old replica kept in your computer by adding the word "old_" in front of it, and then copy from the internet a new version to store it under the original name that it has.
     #8. In case of any doubt regarding the making of such a replica of this web page, it is worth to see a separate web page that is entirely devoted to the explanation of the replication procedure of my internet pages in your own computer. This additional web page is run from "Menu 2", where it is listed under the name Replicate".

Part #H: Polish letters:

       In text of this web page in various places Polish characters (letters) may appear. Unfortunately, some servers and some browsers tend to deform the display of Polish letters, replacing them with some other character sets. In a spontaneous manner computers seem to display correctly these Polish letters only when they use Windows XP (or higher), or when their Internet Explorer is set for displaying them. (In order to set your "Internet Explorer" on the correct displaying of Polish letters, you need to click on the position "View" (i.e. "Widok" in Polish) in the pull-down menu of this browser, then you need to click onto the command "Encoding" (i.e. "Kodowanie" in Polish), finally click on "More" (i.e. "Dalsze" in Polish). In turn when the submenu "More" (i.e. "Dalsze" in Polish) opens, which contains various alphabets, you need to choose, and to click the alphabet marked "Central European (Windows)" (i.e. the "Srodkowoeuropejski (Windows)" in Polish). But if in any chance such settings do not help, just in case I would like to inform, that if in someone's computer various strange characters do appear, then this probably means that his or her computer does not display correctly Polish letters. In such a case it is good to know, that displayed characters have following meanings:
"ą" = "a" with a tail, "Ą" = "A" with a tail,
"ć" = "c" with ' above it, "Ć" = "C" with ' above it,
"ę" = "e" with a tail, "Ę" = "E" with a tail,
"ł" = "l" crossed, "Ł" = "L" crossed,
"ń" = "n" with ' above it, "Ń" = "N" with ' above it,
"ó" = "o" with ' above it (means another Polish "u"), "Ó" = "O" with ' above it (means another Polish "U")
"ś" = "s" with ' above it, "Ś" = "S" with ' above it,
"ź" = "z" with ' above it, "Ź" = "Z" with ' above it,
"ż" = "z" with a dot above it, "Ż" = "Z" with a dot above it.
       Here is the list of Polish letters that may appear in my texts:
ą ć ę ł ń ó ś ź ż (lower-case uniquely Polish letters)
a c e l n o s z z (Latin and English equivalents of lower-case uniquely Polish letters)
Ą Ć Ę Ł Ń Ó Ś Ź Ż (UPPER CASE uniquely Polish letters)
A C E L N O S X Z (Latin and English equivalents of UPPER CASE uniquely Polish letters).
       I should add here, that after I noticed very humble effects of my use of Polish letters, usually my Polish text I still write with the use of English (Latin) alphabet. This is not a big error, as the majority of Polish words anyway use the Latin alphabet only.

Part #I: History of monographs from series [8]:

       Although the philosophy of totalizm was formulated in 1985, for the first 18 years it was publicised initially as a part of the theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity (from which totalizm emerged). Only in 1999 the author realised that there is a need for a textbook dedicated solely to this philosophy. This monograph [8e] represents historically the first complete textbook for the philosophy of totalizm that was ever published. The writing of [8e] was started in 2000, when the author still lived in Timaru, New Zealand. It was completed in 2003, when the author already shifted to Wellington. Since 2003 monograph [8e] was continually offered free of charge to interested readers via all web pages of totalizm. Until 2008 it was disseminated in WORD.DOC and WORD PERFECT (WP5) formats - but without illustrations embedded into it. In 2004 and in 2007 improved versions of the philosophy of "totalizm", as well as newer versions of the "Concept of Dipolar Gravity" - from which totalizm originates (see volumes 6 and 7 of this monograph [8e]), were included also in volumes, respectively, 6 to 9 and 4 to 5 of monographs [1/4] and [1/5], and offered to interested readers as more recent textbooks of totalizm. By 5 December 2008 the monograph [8e] was supplied with Figures and changed to PDF format. Currently this monograph [8e] has more historic than current significance. This is because a majority of followers of totalizm prefer to use these newer versions of textbooks for totalizm and for the Concept of Dipolar Gravity available in volumes respectively 6 to 9, and 4 to 5 of monographs [1/4] and [1/5].
       Starting from 17th February 2009 in the Internet is available the next, second edition of this monograph [8e]. This edition is marked with the symbol [8e/2]. It can be dowloaded free of charge via links provided in part #L of this web page. Therefore, before you begin to download to your computer this old monograph [8e], perhaps you should consider downloading the newest, second edition of monograph [8e/2] .

Part #J: Differences between this one, old monograph [8e] and the new monograph [8e/2]:

       The content of a significant proportion of both these monographs is quite similar. Only that in the newest monograph [8e/2], this content was updated, reorganised, modernised, and improved - to make it easier for reading and for understanding. Only one volume, namely 6 - entitled "Let us got to know God", was for the first time introduced to the new monograph [8e/2]. This volume 6 tries to present God scientifically and objectively - in the way this superior being of the universe is described by findings of the theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. Of course, the description of God presented in volume 6 of new monograph [8e/2] significantly differs from the religious description of this superior being. After all, religions idealise God, showing Him rather subjectively. On the other hand, volume 6 of monograph [8e/2] tries to be as objective as possible - presenting all aspects of God in the most balanced and true manner that can be accomplished at our level of knowledge.
       Apart from that single volume 6, other differences between this old [8e], and new [8e/2] edition, are mainly of a philosophical nature. Namely, the old monograph [8e] was written like "in secular spirit" - in spite that in volume 6 it contains, amongst others, the formal scientific proof for the existence of God. This is because it tried to explain everything on a secular and atheistic manner - means completely without recognising and indicating manifestations of continuous interventions of God in the course of human lives. So if one would try to express the leading philosophical idea of this old monograph [8e] in one sentence, then this idea would state that God so designed laws of nature that these just by themselves sustain the operation of the universe - completely without the God's interventions. Thus, a correct description of mechanisms that rule over the fate of people is possible exclusively on the basis of laws of nature - means without the need to research, identify, and describe manifestations and methods of God's interventions into human matters.
       However, in 2007 I discovered that God continually intervenes into human matters and consistently controls these matters in such a way that they develop according to His intentions. For example, I then discovered that so-called "UFO manifestations" are simply software "simulations" carried out by God Himself (details of this God's "simulation" of UFOs and UFOnauts are explained, amongst others, in item #D2 of the totaliztic web page ufo.htm - about replies to fundamental questions about UFOnauts and UFO vehicles - e.g. do they exist, how they function, etc., in item #F3 of the totaliztic web page god.htm - about scientific and secular understanding of God, or in "part #F" of the totaliztic web page evil.htm - about origins of all evil on the Earth). Therefore, I decided then to rewrite, amongst others, also the monograph [8e], so that it would incorporate this shocking discovery and indicate to readers various scientific evidence for continuous God's interventions into human lives. So if in one sentence I would express the leading philosophical idea of these new monograph [8e/2], then this idea would state that God intervenes in person, dynamically and continually into the operation of the universe and into human fates - so that this operation and fates run exactly into the direction that is agreeable with God's intentions. Thus a correct description of mechanisms that rule over the fate of people requires that independently from laws of nature we must also research, identify, and describe manifestations and methods of God's direct interventions into human lives and endeavours. Of course, the completion of relevant research and rewriting the entire monograph [8e/2] - so that it expresses convincingly this new leading idea, is going to take me a couple of years.

Part #K: NON-illustrated and older versions of [8e], in DOC and WP5 formats:

       In formats different than PDF this monograph [8e] is offered since 2003. The introduction of this newer, illustrated version of 2008, does NOT cancel these old versions. Therefore, if readers wish so, they can download also such older versions. These are available via a different web pages which are linked below.
       Here are links to web pages with these slightly older (not illustrated) versions of the same monograph [8e]: Labels: The label "E" marks the web page with the English-language version of this older (non-illustrated) monograph [8e]. The label "P" marks the web page with the Polish-language version of this older (non-illustrated) monograph [8p].

Part #L: I recommend the already available second edition of the illustrated monograph [8e/2], in PDF format:

       The newest, second edition for monograph [8e] is already available in format PDF. The dissemination of it was started on 17 February 2009. Therefore, if the reader wishes so, he or she can download that newer, second, illustrated edition [8e/2]. It is available via a different web pages - the linkes to which are provided below.
       Here are links to web pages with this newest, second edition of monograph [8e.2]: Labels: The label "English" marks the web page with the English-language version of the illustrated, second edition of monograph [8e/2] in PDF format. The label "Polski" marks the web page with the Polish-language version of this illustrated, second edition of monograph [8p/2] in PDF format.

Have interesting reading of this most moral, peaceful, progressive, constructive, beneficial, and revolutionary philosophy on Earth, called totalizm. Welcome also to the ever increasing circle of people who are disseminating this philosophy and implementing it in their everyday lives. Note that according to old prophecies (discussed in chapter G from volume 5 of [8e]) totalizm supposed to become the philosophy which is to dominate our world and which is to free the humanity!
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